" The training has been perfect for me in that I wanted the experience of small training in a structured way. Linda has been very generous with sharing her knowledge and with her clear teaching skills. I feel more confident in myself in the role of supervisor. Thank you Linda," Chartered Psychologist   " I have found the training absolutely fascinating and wonderful. You have been a real mentor and I hope to be in a training session with you again very soon," Counselling Psychologist   " The desert island exercise really got me in touch with my own feelings about the client and the patterns of relating getting played out," Counselling Psychologist   "Linda is one of the foremost supervisor trainers in the UK," Dr Michael Carroll PhD   "I’m already getting feedback that supervisees are finding my supervision more containing since I switched to using your approach," Clinical Psychologist   "Your workshops have really opened up a new area of learning and enrichment for me and thank you so much for your support," Counselling Psychologist   "I would recommend the workshops to anyone," Forensic Psychologist   "The teaching style was energising. Probably the best training I have ever been on!" Counselling Psychologist   "You are an inspiration," Counselling Psychologist   " Very interesting session. A huge help being made aware of how my role plays a part in some of the difficulties faced in sessions, and how to address these. Very useful for someone who is new to the supervisor role.," Chartered Psychologist  
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Dr Linda Charles is one of the UK's leading experts in the fiel of Clinical Supervision.

Group Supervision

I am facilitating regular, small group supervision sessions.

You are free to bring anything you choose within this safe and warm space. A place of open exploration, this will be a nourishing experience, combining ideas and collegial support. It will be a lively and inspiring process which can help in dealing with any ethical issues and ensuring best practice.


Please email me now to reserve your space.


I also offer supervision, therapy and coaching to individuals and organisations. For individuals, I will work tailored to your needs. For organisations, I can provide supervision, coaching or training to develop in-house staff.

I offer courses directly into services, or online for individuals or groups to sign up to. Please register for notifications.

The following places have become available and occur once every month.

Tuesday 4:00 - 5:30

19 Mar, 16 Apr, 14 May 18 Jun, 16 Jul, 17 Sep, 15 Oct, 19 Nov, 17 Dec

Wednesday 12:00 - 1:30


10 Apr, 8 May, 12.Jun, 10 Jul, 11 Sep, 9 Oct, 13 Oct, 19 Nov, 17 Dec

Please contact Linda by email or phone.


07940 470306

"This is going to be a good week because I'm meeting with Linda. It's my highlight."

Sarah, Senior Educational Psychologist

"Thank you!  It is a wonderful, supportive group – great to be a part of it."

Child & Educational Psychologist

"Thanks Linda, I really love our sessions. I could talk to you for hours."

Senior Educational Psychologist

"I feel very safe with Linda who has been challenging, but always in a helpful and supportive way."

Dr F.B. Counselling Psychologist

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