" The training has been perfect for me in that I wanted the experience of small training in a structured way. Linda has been very generous with sharing her knowledge and with her clear teaching skills. I feel more confident in myself in the role of supervisor. Thank you Linda," Chartered Psychologist   " I have found the training absolutely fascinating and wonderful. You have been a real mentor and I hope to be in a training session with you again very soon," Counselling Psychologist   " The desert island exercise really got me in touch with my own feelings about the client and the patterns of relating getting played out," Counselling Psychologist   "Linda is one of the foremost supervisor trainers in the UK," Dr Michael Carroll PhD   "I’m already getting feedback that supervisees are finding my supervision more containing since I switched to using your approach," Clinical Psychologist   "Your workshops have really opened up a new area of learning and enrichment for me and thank you so much for your support," Counselling Psychologist   "I would recommend the workshops to anyone," Forensic Psychologist   "The teaching style was energising. Probably the best training I have ever been on!" Counselling Psychologist   "You are an inspiration," Counselling Psychologist   " Very interesting session. A huge help being made aware of how my role plays a part in some of the difficulties faced in sessions, and how to address these. Very useful for someone who is new to the supervisor role.," Chartered Psychologist  
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"It was a life-changing experience for me. The right thing at the right time."

Portuguese Recharge Retreats

Join me in undiscovered Portugal for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. I have created this coastal retreat to meet the needs of practitioners, whose work involves caring for others in a continuous exercise of empathy. Our work is so rewarding and meaningful, but it also comes with significant risks around depletion and burn out. Investing in our own well-being is vital for ourselves and for the work.


Dedicate some time to your self-development in the serene Costa Vicentina area. Allow yourself a rare moment to connect at a deeper level with your own heart and mind without distraction. This retreat offers the possibility of taking the inward steps necessary to reconnect and to find what is healing, revitalising, and nourishing to you.


Springtime is simply magical here with wild flowers everywhere. During our time in beauty and nature, we will create opportunities to develop deep relationships with our self and with others. We will ground our energy and learn as we enjoy the love and support of each other. We will rest, soften, let go, laugh, share stories and have shoulders to lean on. There will be time for togetherness, self-enquiry, self-development, daily practices, silence and stillness. We will reconnect with what nurtures and sustains us.


Our retreat will take place within the national park on the unspoilt Vicentina coast in South-West Portugal. During this 5-night Professional Development immersion, there will be teaching and facilitation, with all offerings being optional, holding space for time by yourself and self-directed learning. Solitude is just fine, if you prefer.

This year's retreat will take place on 18th-22nd of April, 2024.

We are now taking bookings. Please contact us to reserve your place.


"The food was out of this world.  Our own personal chef who cooked the most nourishing vegan food."

"The yoga was first class. 

An intuitive embodiment yoga teacher who provided a next level yoga class, tailored to the group’s needs."

"The sound bath is a must experience.  A healing and awakening experience. 

The relaxation and healing after effect of the session was truly amazing."

"To be by the sea and with nature allowed us to let go of roles and connect with ourselves and one another."

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