"Linda is one of the foremost supervisor trainers in the UK," Dr Michael Carroll PhD   "I’m already getting feedback that supervisees are finding my supervision more containing since I switched to using your approach," Clinical Psychologist   "Your workshops have really opened up a new area of learning and enrichment for me and thank you so much for your support," Counselling Psychologist   "I would recommend the workshops to anyone," Forensic Psychologist   "The teaching style was energising. Probably the best training I have ever been on!" Counselling Psychologist   "You are an inspiration," Counselling Psychologist   "The practical components of the workshops enabled me to enhance my supervision skills in a way which I believe has benefitted those I supervise directly," Chartered Psychologist  
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Dr Linda Charles is an experienced therapist experienced in approaches including CBT, psychodynamic and humanistic/existential.

Psychological Therapies

Linda has had a private practice in Reigate, Surrey since 2002. She is well-respected and offers psychological assessment and therapies. She is experienced in all the main psychotherapeutic approaches including CBT, psychodynamic and humanistic/existential.


Friendly and flexible, she will work with you to find an approach that suits your needs.

She is a Chartered Psychologist, is registered as a Counselling Psychologist with HCPC and is recognised by private medical insurance companies. 

Please contact Linda by email or phone.


07940 470306

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