"Linda is one of the foremost supervisor trainers in the UK," Dr Michael Carroll PhD   "I’m already getting feedback that supervisees are finding my supervision more containing since I switched to using your approach," Clinical Psychologist   "Your workshops have really opened up a new area of learning and enrichment for me and thank you so much for your support," Counselling Psychologist   "I would recommend the workshops to anyone," Forensic Psychologist   "The teaching style was energising. Probably the best training I have ever been on!" Counselling Psychologist   "You are an inspiration," Counselling Psychologist   "The practical components of the workshops enabled me to enhance my supervision skills in a way which I believe has benefitted those I supervise directly," Chartered Psychologist  
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Dr Linda Charles is a trainer for Clinical Supervision.

Supervision: A Short Course

NEW CPD Workshop 2023

Dates: 9th May, 13th Jun, 12th Sep, 10th Oct: 10.00 – 16.00

Time: 10.00 - 16.00

Fees: Individuals £800 (Early bird cost will be £750 before 30th March)

Booking together with one or more colleagues: £1400 for 2

Venue: Online Zoom

Contact: clinicalsupervision@outlook.com

Day 1: Fundamentals of Supervision (10:00 - 16:00)

Day 2: Enhancing Supervision

Day 3: Models of Supervision

Day 4: Supervision of Supervision 


This training is a hands-on, interactive experience designed purposefully to provide insights and immediately transferable skills.


To reconsider supervision, role and relationship

To reflect on real-world experiences and consider case examples

To practice supervision skills

To help make practice safer, more creative and more effective

The Trainer

Linda has a wealth of clinical and supervisory experience. She has earned herself a solid reputation as a clinician, a trainer and for her contribution to the development of supervision practice. She is the founder of Structured and Collaborative Supervision (SACS). Her core training in Supervision Skills has been described as the “gold standard”. Her current workload consists of therapeutic practice, supervision across professions and training.

Relaxed in front of an audience, Linda is able to convey her ideas in a clear and warm way bringing clarity to complex issues. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious.

The supervision tips inspired by Linda have supported me to think about how I want to use the supervision space, encouraging me to think about what the supervision question is. This has been invaluable in my learning, and it has also shaped how I supervise my supervisees. It has given me the confidence to try new skills and helpful tips - the ripple effect of effective supervision! Thank you Linda.

Clinical Psychologist Trainee

Linda is in demand to provide team training for supervisors. I can safely say that Linda has become one of the foremost supervisor trainers in the UK. The popularity of her courses attest to the high standard of teaching and her engagement with the participants who consistently rate her programmes as excellent.

Dr Michael Carroll Ph.D.

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